Google Enterprise Search // Google Mini // Feedback?

I'm in the market for an intranet search solution for my small business and I'm considering Google Mini. It looks very strait forward and easy to integrate in my current system. 

Is anyone using this already? Let me know how you like it. 

Google Mini

Bring simple, familiar Google Search to your small business intranet or website

  • Google-quality search – Bring familiar, easy search your public or private small business search needs.
  • Easy to purchase, deploy, and manage – Buy the Mini online, to set it up in minutes, and bring search to your operations with minimal IT workload.
  • Low TCO – Minimizes Total Cost of Ownership before, during, and throughout deployment. Learn more
  • Simple license structure – Hardware, software, and support costs are based on one simple data point: the number of documents you search.

Google Mini has been designed with small businesses in mind. If you are a larger business, or have advanced search needs, learn more about the Google Search Appliance (GSA), or view a comparison chart of the Mini vs. the GSA.


Website Search

Bring simple, familiar Google Search to your small business website.

  • Google-quality search – Indexes up to 300,000 web pages or documents with relevance and business-building results.
  • Familiar and easy to use – Intuitively recognized by site visitors so that they quickly, easily find the information they need to make decisions.
  • High ROI – Effective website search delivers relevancy that has been shown to increase engagement and conversion on all types of websites.
  • Secure – Allows password-protected access to let you manage data privacy.



Intranet Search

Drive engagement and increase conversions with the power of Google search.

  • Familiar, fast search – Indexes up to 300,000 pages of internal content to deliver information to the users who need it.
  • Feature set optimized for small business use – Tailored to search content and applications most likely to be needed in small to mid-size businesses.
  • High ROI – Easy deployment, maintenance, and use means fewer expenses – and lets you get real value out of your existing content and IT investment.
  • Secure – Integrates with document security systems to ensure user-appropriate access.

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