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Help me with my Masters Thesis at NEU // Take this survey

Hello, I am conducting research for my thesis at Northeastern University. 
This survey is about understanding what drives your fashion related shopping behavior and how you decide what to wear. It's a fun, and quick survey. 

Please Please Please just take less than 5 minutes to fill this out, we really need you as our deadline is approaching quickly. 

Here is the link to the survey:

Anyone can fill out this survey (male/female regardless of location or country of origin) 

Thank you for your support!

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Help us improve STYLE CHECK // Quick 4 question survey

All results will remain anonymous.


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Google TV


It's about time TV became easier to use. Its amazing that one of the most popular modern technologies with the highest adoption rate lacks an intuitive user interface and experience. 

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Graphic Design Resources // Photoshop and Illustrator Brushes, Vector Packs, + Tutorials

This morning I conducted a search for high quality brushes and vector packs for Photoshop and Illustrator. Here is a summary of some of my top finds. I hope you find this useful. If you have any sites that you like, please recommend them to me by commenting on this post.  I have allot of graphic design projects in the mix right now so I am looking for more reasources. I'm installing CS5 today, check back soon for my initial review. As you can see I'm being very transparent as to where I'm sourcing my design elements from so please share the love. 

Creativity + Collaboration = Innovation

Brush Pilot
Preview your brushes!

Business card design samples

PS paint effects

Site with a few good tools and links

PS tech brushes

Mixed objects and silhouettes 

Curly and girly design 

Vector wings (for fist pumpers and juicers) 

Grunge textures

Abstract PS brushes and textures

Illustrator brushes

Random cool PS brushes: Valentines day, Tron, Blurred lights

Vector illustration tutorials for Illustrator

Cool high res PS brushes: smoke, lips and lashes

Trendy design how to's using PS and AI

Blig effect tutorial

Grunge brush for AI

Vector elements pack for web, logo, and graphic

Business wordpress theme

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76 to 90 Celtic VS Cavs

My team continues to dominate. Drinking a boss and waiting for the win.

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Celebrity Apprentice Business Competition in Class

Today in class we had a suprise competion. We were broken into groups of 5 based on peronality types, I was a connector, and given $20 a posterboard, markers, and perferated tickets. The goal was to raise as much money as possible in 60 minutes. The connecters merged with the Creaters and decided to do a raffle for $20 and sell tickets for $1. Our contingency was to hedge our bet on scratch tickets, but fortunately it didn’t come to that. In 60 minutes we sold 90 tickets! We dominated the competition producing over a 5 times ROI grossing $130.
It was a true hustle, but we came out victorious.

This is a picture of me presenting the raffle winner with his prize!

Michael Salafia
President // Lifestyle Innovation Technology, LLC
Masters Student // Northeastern University
School of Technological Entrepreneurship
// 401.218.8292
// @michaelsalafia

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