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Have you added Google +1 to your website yet?

Check out this website I found at

Source Code Example to Google +1 Button


Google Goes After Big Media Ad Dollars With New Video Search Ads


This is awesome for promoting new movies and shows, but imagine how this could be used to increase the rate of new product adoption through video demonstrations…

Color (Mobile Photo App): Super Social or Super Stalker?

I love the concept, but at first I was concerned about the lack of privacy. The photo stream seems to be totally public… but if you think about it, that’s what makes this app cool. If I’m concerned then I shouldn’t use it to take photos I don’t want to share publicly. In theory, this could literally be used to see the world around you through other peoples lenses and share your perspective with the world. Wiki meets location based micro-photo blogging.

How would you use D’Fusion mobile augmented reality platform?

Click to watch this video of Iphone M-Commerce Face Tracking AppTotal Immersion just raised $5.5 million for  D'Fusion, their augmented reality platform. In light of this activity I began thinking about what I could design using this platform. Take a look at this link,mobility,35.html to view some of the examples of D'Fusion Mobile. 
I especially like the "iP

hone M-Commerce Face Tracking App at Paris, 2011".

Which one is your favorite? What would you do with D'Fusion?