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The Perks of Working at Google, Facebook, Twitter and

See what perks you get as an employee of Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Eventbrite, Tagged and Gaia.
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Microsoft’s Augmented Reality 3D HoloDesk Lets You Manipulate 3-D Virtual Images With Your

Do you mind if Microsoft drops a little future on you like a ton of bricks? This HoloDesk uses a half-silvered mirror and a Kinect sensor to "see" your hands in 3D space then project visible objects on and around them, allowing…
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Microsoft’s New Patent Agreement with Compal: A New Milestone for Our Android Licensing

Microsoft On the Issues is the Microsoft blog on technology policy and corporate affars. On this blog, Microsoft shares thoughts on how thecomputing revolution can accelerate economic growth by enabling companies and…
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Google Puts A Price On

Earlier this week, Google made a significant change purportedly to better protect the search privacy of users. In reality, it specifically — and deliberately — left a gaping hole open to benefit its bottom line. If you…
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What Google+ Brand Pages Could Look Like [PICS]

Mashable asked some ad agencies to imagine what Google+ brand pages could look like. Here are some examples.
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Steve’s Final “One More Thing…”

Steve Jobs was the ultimate showman. As such, it should be no surprise that he realized the power of following up a great performance with an encore. But unlike many musicians who treat encores as a given add-on for each show,…
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