Social Networking Startup Unthink… Sounds boring

First of all, they have a negative marketing campaign. “Taking down Facebook”. Really? GFY! If they were so much better than Facebook, then they would not have to mention them to get attention. Second, Natasha Dedis, has the lamest story ever. Natash, I don’t care about you turning your kid into a social outcast by not letting him join Facebook. Get over yourself. Third, Unthink’s value proposition. You can decide which brands you want to let advertise to you? Or you can pay monthly to be ad free? Does anyone really dislike ads that much? Yes they are mostly annoying, but ad can be answers. Ads are how you find out about new products or services that are relevant to you. Personally, I like that Facebook sells my data to advertisers so they can spend the time to curate a mix of ads that I will likely find interesting or useful. I would demo the site to see if it does have any new functionality or ux, but I don’t want to give them the hit. Here’s the article:


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