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jasonhawkes | Designcollector™ | Ariel Cityscape Photo


Amazing timing and lighting!


Local Online Ad Spend Set To Grow 300% In 2011, 60% Ex-Deals

–Including deals/offers we expect local online ad revenue to grow over 300% in 2011, 60% when excluding offers/deals.  We expect local to grow 100% in 2012, 40% when excluding deals/offers.

–We believe local search is materially increasing its share of overall search

–We estimate click-to-call spend from local/regional retailers will increase 200%-plus in 2011 with a particularly strong holiday season.

–Data indicates that small businesses are claiming pages on web publishers focused on the local market at over 100% annually setting the stage for continued rapid growth in local online.

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Social Proof Is The New Marketing | TechCrunch

Interesting article breaks down 5 classifications of social proof in regards to internet marketing. thx @aileenlee @techcrunch

How to Set Up a Google+ Brand Page

Filming new #Batman movie on Queens Bridge #nyc

Midtown East from Riverwalk Roof Deck